The aim of this website is to highlight scientific research linking western medicine to the islamic teachings of the prophet, all available to you in one place. The sources used to do this have been carefully selected from credible journals and authentic hadith books/quranic verses. As my profession is within the pharmaceutical field anything published will be supported by scientific proof to demonstrate its effectiveness. However the medical information is not tailored to anyone in particular. Therefore in the best interest of ones health any concerns should be reported to a healthcare professional. You should not rely on the information presented on this site as an alternative to medical advice already recommended to you by a professional. It may be harmful to do so because ones specific health profile; for example drug history/medical conditions/age is not considered or known and therefore has no influence on the content published. But if you would like to practice any of the remedies mentioned you must discuss it with your doctor/pharmacist in detail. No responsibility can be taken for any harm caused by using the information present on this website – as the factors that need to be considered beforehand have been highlighted.