The inspiration behind this website came from my sister during conversations we had in 2014. It was during a stressful time in our lives where we were looking at islamic medicine more closely, to help a very loved member of the family. To our dismay we realised that there isn’t a online platform that can be easily accessed that provided concise, easy to follow, evidence based information in this area. We believe that the remedies used during our Prophets (ﷺ) time were effective but it has proven to be difficult to find and practise.

My educational background is within the pharmaceutical industry and I have spent my student years researching and critiquing scientific papers on a wide range of areas including medicine discovery, development and its effect on our bodies. I want to utilise my skills and qualifications to investigate, collect and write simply the significance of research that has been done to help support and promote islamic medicine.

Living in the UK and having been in the British education system, I do believe that western medicine is effective. However islamic medicine should not be undermined, in fact there are many overlaps between the two – this is an aspect that I will address in my writing.

If there happens to be just one person searching the internet for islamic medicine to ease illness like I did and they find my writing useful, then that alone would make this project worthwhile. May Allah make this easy and I hope that this proves to be useful to others inshallah.


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